Crushing is not only a science but it is an art

A crusher is an integral part of any road building construction company. It is not just for the luxury of having one but contributes to the following:

  1. a) Keeping timeouts schedules
  2. b) Programming
  3. c) Control
  4. d) Profitability

The crusher stands out as technical sophisticated mobile units that push the boundaries of most advanced equipment in the crushing industry.

The crusher units have their origin from Finland to where it’s brought to South Africa under the Metso brand and backed by Caterpillar (Cat). We have a longstanding history and relationship with Cat for package deals and most important product support. Cat has proven themselves through the years as market leaders in certain plant and machinery.

Plant and Machinery

Our initiative behind the crushing machines is the following:

  1. a) The machines are mobile and can be moved easily to any destination
  2. b) Primary is the Lt 100 jaw crusher
  3. c) Secondary is the Lt 200 cone crusher
  4. c) 2 deck screen is the Lt 358 that makes the system work and making sizes.
  5. d) Vertical shaft impact is Lt 7150 for getting the grading and creating fines


Maintenance is taken very seriously because of the self-destructive and expensive nature of the machines. We keep the following measures in tact:

  1. 4 hours maintenance every 10 hour shift
  2. Extended warranty with CAT
  3. Programming our technicians and mechanics to assist Cat when services is done
  4. In thus we gain knowledge for free and cut downtime in half
  5. Sending technicians and mechanics on regular courses

Maintaining machines establish a culture of pride, care and responsibility for a safer working environment.

Product Specifications

We comply to Colto, SABS, TRH 4 and TRH 14 construction standards as follows:

  1. Where engineers or mine managers write their own special conditions of contract we make certain to comply
  2. Crusher run or G1 base material – 38mm or -26.5 mm
  3. G5 Natural or process sub base material -90 mm or -55 mm
  4. Sizes for road surfacing  5mm , 13mm or 19mm
  5. 19 mm concrete stone for bridges, channels or house foundations.
  6. Ballace and gabion stone

Getting it right the first time is surely the key because of the harshness of penalties for being late and sub-standard material being produced.

Quality Control

On site a mobile laboratory exists that test chemicals as well as sample grading.  We also have trained technicians on site that take 4 grading samples, wet and dry every 10 hour shift.

Sample results reach clients early the next morning to ensure client satisfaction.  Every product is further stockpiled to a certain method ensuring that the material crushed does not segregate and stays constant right through the loading process as well.

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)

We take OHS very seriously because we feel it our duty to contribute to the whole global warming effect in the world and leading by example.  Mining licenses, rehabilitation, blasting, people safety and NNR awareness and testing as well as toolbox talks to people wearing certain colored overalls to identify working restrictions are some of the measures that we currently have in place.

Our OHS safety plan is accepted by SANRAL, Department of Public Works, Roads and Transport, BHT Billiton, UMK mine as well as Harmony mine.

Frequent audits are conducted every month and we focus on areas that need more attention in order to ensure continuous improvement.



 Like any business of the entire diesel to dust, you refer back to the scale of profit or loss. A mobile crusher can be extremely profitable or result in enormous losses that could easily cripple a business very fast. The following systems that we have in place are crucial for a successful operation:

  1. We tender from our archived history obtained from operational sites
  2. The tender program links up to a daily costing system that needs to be monitored every hour of every shift
  3. At the end of the month a cost meeting puts everything into perspective.
  4. Incentive schemes is put into place to motivate the people in achieving their targets
  5. Using the right machines for the application or product needed.
  6. Strict rules, attention to detail, timekeeping and tonnages is the recipe for success.



We have a sound market and a wide customer base.  There is a scarceness in the market for crushers and it is for sure a specialized market.


Staff and personnel

Crushing staff are in a class of their own. It takes a special type of person who will work a 16.5 hours day for 26 days in a month. It is a very stress full occupation and strong decision making is imperative.

Crushing is something that cannot be taught in theory as this is only a guideline in a perfect environment. It is an ever-changing process that is driven by experience that has been obtained by years in the field.  Every crushing process is analyzed, planned extensively and implemented on a certain merit and that is the key to a successful crushing operation.